Lutton Bygones

This contains old photos and information relating to the history of Lutton. If you have any more photos, or can identify people in the images, please let me (Chris Cowdery) know.

This shows Lutton from the South in 1965. Apart from the more rural feel to the picture compared to today, notice the cottage next to Manor Farm and the cottage next to Weston House have both gone, the Forge is much reduced, and Grendon House and Meadowcroft House have yet to be built.
This shows Piccadilly Farm, The Post Office, The Forge, Milton House and Brook Farm. Notice how large The Forge is compared to the current building, and how the Post Office still has the two doors. Also notice how many cows there are in the scene.
Olivers Cottage stood next to Manor Farm, and can be see in the village photo above.
Presumably the schoolchildren celebrating something
Clark Gable was stationed at Polebook Airfield during the 2nd World War. Was the picture taken at Manor Farm?
Was this where Willowbook House / Holme Lea now stand?
Let me know if you can identify any of the children in the picture.
Children outside Lutton School.
Fitzwilliam Hunt outside Lutton Church.
The inside of Lutton Church. Notice the location of the Church Organ.
Lutton Home Guard with Charlie Hodson in the middle.
Lutton School.
This was a VE Day Anniversary Celebration. Matthew Lane is entertaining the audience with his clarinet, John Lane is supervising the lad with the loaded catapult, and Chris Lane is keeping a more sensible distance from the catapult by standing at the curtain.
Notice the stage which is no longer present.
May Day children at Milton Arms (now Milton House).
Charlie Bream delivering milk for collection.
Milton Terrace. These houses are still present – the two in the foreground are likely to be Nos 5 & 6 which have subsequently been clad in bricks.
A Reliance Coach coming into the village.
This is Rycroft’s Cottage. It has been demolished, and Elm Pond now stands in its place. The mark on the end of Weston House shows where it joined.
Tom Head is setting a tree outside the Village Hall. This is the tree with the hexagonal metal bench around it.
Celebrations outside Lutton Village Hall.

Pictures kindly provided by Wanna Broadbent and Brenda Codman.

Picture courtesy of Matthew Lane, Papley.