Parish Council Meeting Minutes

The proceedings of every Parish Council meeting are minuted. These minutes are on public record and are available for anybody to view.

For recent meetings they can be downloaded here:

Minutes 4th March 2024
Minutes 8th January 2024
Minutes 6th November 2023
Minutes 5th September 2023
Minutes 18th July 2023
Minutes 23rd May 2023
Minutes of the AGM of the Parish Council 23rd May 2023
Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 15th May 2023
Minutes 6th March 2023
Minutes 9th January 2023
Minutes 7th November 2022
Minutes 5th September
Minutes 4th July 2022
Minutes of the AGM of the Parish Council 23rd May 2022
Minutes 23rd May 2022
Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 23rd May 2022
Minutes 14th March 2022
Minutes 10th January 2022
Minutes 8th November 2021
Minutes 6th September 2021
Minutes 12th July 2021
Minutes 24th May 2021
Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting 24th May 2021
Minutes 12th October 2020
Minutes 3rd August 2020
Minutes 8th June 2020
Minutes 20th January 2020
Minutes 11th November 2019
Minutes 8th July 2019
Minutes 13th May 2019
Minutes 18th March 2019
Minutes 14th January 2019
Minutes 12th November 2018
Minutes 10th September 2018
Minutes 9th July 2018
Minutes 14th May 2018
Minutes 12th March 2018
Minutes 25th January 2018
Minutes 13th November 2017
Minutes 25th September 2017
Minutes 3rd July 2017